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Pryd / Meal Deal Ultracomida


Pryd - Meal

I Bwy? For who?

Pryd / Meal Deal 1: 
½ Filled barra gallega (child) / Whole one for adult
(You will be called for your choice of filling by Ultracomida)
crisps, olives
+ tin apple juice

Pryd / Meal Deal 2: 
½ Tortilla, crisps, olives / Whole one for adult
+ tin apple juice (GlutenFree)

Pryd / Meal Deal 3:
Grazing box
Serrano ham
OR manchego cheese
OR mixed cheese & meat, olives, semidried tomatoes & allioli dip
with either breadsticks /thick crisps (GlutenFree)
~ Please indicate your choice on checkout
+ tin apple juice